Episode 5: The Art of Abundance

Episode 5 October 08, 2023 01:19:51
Episode 5: The Art of Abundance
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Episode 5: The Art of Abundance

Oct 08 2023 | 01:19:51


Show Notes

Alex, Aubrey, and Mandy, with returning guests Twig and Mindi, continue discussing the QueerCat 2023 firing event at East Creek Art, with a focus on the firing itself, the atmosphere, mentorship and what it means to lead with service, and the relationship between generosity and abundance.

Midroll of thank yous to everyone who made QueerCat possible and successful: Clay Art Center of Tacoma, Georgie’s Ceramic & Clay, Regional Arts & Culture Council, Oregon Arts Commission, East Creek Art, Joe Robinson, Our GoFundMe donors, Morning Ceramics, Daffodill Studio, Ty & Chey, Nick Kesler, Vicki Martin, Benjamin Cahoon, Our Firing Co-Leads, volunteers, and participants, we couldn’t thank you enough for your time, dedication, clay, food, kilns, space, love, and so much more.









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