Episode 4: A Queer Hope

Episode 4 October 01, 2023 00:59:04
Episode 4: A Queer Hope
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Episode 4: A Queer Hope

Oct 01 2023 | 00:59:04


Show Notes

Special guests Twig Cosby (he/him) and Arminda Gandara (she/her) join hosts Alex Slydel (they/them), Aubrey Sloan (she/her) and Mandy Stigant (she/her) to talk about the thought, planning, and front-end work that went into organizing QueerCat 2023, an all LGBTQIA+ firing that happened May-June 2023 at East Creek Art in Willamina, Oregon. Midroll about contributors and grant providers and a vocab briefing.

QueerCat was funded and made possible by: Clay Art Center of Tacoma, Georgie’s Ceramic & Clay, Regional Arts & Culture Council, Oregon Arts Commission, East Creek Art, Joe Robinson, Our GoFundMe donors, Morning Ceramics, Daffodill Studio, Ty & Chey, Nick Kesler, Vicki Martin, Benjamin Cahoon, Our Firing Co-Leads, volunteers, and participants.









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